Poke 'n Plug, the all-in-one irrigation line puncture and insertion tool, is a timesaver for installing spaghetti line. You simply poke, turn and plug. Follow along the easy three step process below to learn how to simplify running your micro-irrigation tubing. And, since it is available in hot pink it is always easy to find.

Step 1
Using the pointed end, with a simple grip, you quickly puncture the fitting hole in the main line. Molded of solid, tough, high impact polystyrene, the Poke 'n Plug can be used without gloves and even with wet hands.
Step 2
Next, simply turn the Poke 'n plug around with the groove and slots up.
Step 3
With the connector fitting already in the spaghetti line, firmly press them into the slot with the connector flange snug against the other end of the tool. Your thumb will help keep the fitting and tube firmly seated in the head slot and groove as you grasp the Poke 'n Plug and press the fitting into the main line... as easy as you poked the hole only seconds before.
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